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Classic Training Course................ $1200.00

(Two (2) day Course includes $300.00 starter kit.) 

Volume Training Course................. $1000.00

(Two (2) day Course includes $100.00 starter kit.) 


This course is for anyone wanting to start their lash career or for those lash artists looking to enhance their classic lash skills.  The structured course will offer a variety of application techniques, eye designs as well as the best sanitary practices.  We will also discuss the how to successfully start your lash career, build clients, the power of social media and the best way to market your new career.   All student will be given a training manual and a starter kit valued at over $300 that will allow you to start your lash business.  Upon successful completion of the hands on practicum, students will receive their certification.  

DAY 1:


* Please review your Classic Training manual of anatomy prior to class

* Please see state guidelines for certification requirements.


  1. Review of Anatomy

  2. Lash Theory

  3. Product Overview

  4. Hands on Demo

  5. Work Space Tips, Photography

  6. Pricing and Marketing Strategies

DAY 2 :


  1. Overview of Day 1 and questions

  2. Model practice

  3. Practicum and Certificate 



Looking for the newest trend in the lash industry? Wink-Lash Academy is excited to offer the Russian Volume technique.  Volume lash application is a technique that builds on the skills that is learned throughout classic lashing, but offers the alternative of lighter thinner lashes that are made into a fan to give your clients a more fuller voluminous look.


Day 1:


Lash theory

Lash sanitation

application techniques

lash lengths, thickness and curls

Fan building



Day 2:

Hands on Practicum and certification

"Wink-Lash Academy"

Lash Academy


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